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SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 - Jonathan is on his way to Portugal on a 15+ show acoustic tour. Auerbach will be hitting some of the best clubs and spots during his 1 month stint including targeted gigs on the Island of Madeira and a finale at Lisbon's Hard Rock Cafe. Let's just say this is a tune up for Jonathan and his upcoming album that he will probably be unveiling for folks over in Portugal. Too bad we all don't have plane tickets over there!


MARCH 3, 2009 - Chiming in with Jonathan Auerbach… It's plain and simple, Jonathan Auerbach is a rocker. Someone who likes to lay into the music he was gifted to play...Jonathan's newest release "Siren Call" has seen some worldwide radio play in Europe as well as his native New England area. It has garnered him praise not only for its musicianship, but the soul it possesses.